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Custom Speedometers for Classic Mini 1982 to 1985


Option : MATTE FINISH + 6,00€

Recommended option for Magnolia and Dotted Dark Grey styles

Not recommended for Carbon and Wood styles


Option : YOUR LOGO + 15,00€

With your vector file or HD image 300dpi minimum - CMYK

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Customized background counters for Mini 1978-1985

For Mini models Clubman, 1275GT, 1100 Special, HLE, Mayfair...

Numbers of Dials
Original Speed
Style (gloss)
Logo (not original)

More informations about the original model

The models of counters for Minis between 1972 and 1985 are composed of flanges originally graduated by a screen-printed numbering. The diameter of each dial is 10 cm. The stickers are available with their graduations at 140 or 200 km/h.

They have independent glass panes held by metal hooks. Originally in gray background for Clubman (140Kmh / 90mph), 1275GT and 1100 Special (200Kmh / 110Mph). Some models like the HLE version, Mayfair (...) have a black background and generally graduated at 140 km/h, while keeping the same references. An optional RPM with verticaly arranged front mounting screws.

Stickers made for the original reference models:

Speedo ref 3328-xx - Gauges ref 812x-xx in 2 parts - RPM ref 2433-xx with frontal screws arranged vertically (see photos below).

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Original model

Exploded view

Video tutorial

Video editing tutorial mini counters block before 1991 in 3 parts...  See on Youtube

Choice of free options

Graduations Style

Printed Textures

With or without logo

Mph and/or Kmh

Not original

Reproduction printed in high definition

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All-in-One Package






Stickers and Installation speedomini

You select your model and your options

+ You send me your block of counters

I perfectly integrate stickers on your counters

+ I send your package with tracking

Better quality of installation and finishing

You receive and mount your block of counters

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customs fees outside the E.U. not included