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Graduations + HD TEXTURES


Customized background counters for Mini

Select your original version

Counters for 91-00 Mini

1991 to 2000 Counters

Deluxe stickers Kit 7 or 10 parts

for 2 et 3 dials (diameter 10 cm)

Speeds : 90 & 110 Mph - 140 & 180 Km/h


Counters for 86-90 Mini

1986 to 1990 Counters

Deluxe stickers Kit 7 or 10 parts

for 2 et 3 dials (diameter 10 cm)  

Speeds : 90 Mph and 140 Km/h


Counters for 78-85 Mini

1978 to 1985 Counters

Deluxe stickers Kit 8 or 11 parts

for 2 et 3 dials (diameter 10 cm)

Speed : 90 Mph - 140 and 200 Km/h


Counters for 1959-84 Mini

Before 1985 Mk2 Counters

Deluxe stickers Kit

for 1 dial (diameter 130 mm) + 2 Manos (55 mm)

Speed : 140 Km/h


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Technical informations

Textures Speedomini

Hd Print Textures

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Woody Styles

Brushed aluminium Style

Carbon Styles

8 textures faithfully reproducing optical illusion with high-definition scans (1200dpi) substances of original dashboards and chromatic treatments optimized for professional printing color process. Colors are set according to the consideration of a general lighting, average of sunny brightness and full shade.

Speedomini speed speedometers

Km/h and Mph

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Counter Speed Conversion

     • Convert 140Kmh to 90Mph

• Convert 110Mph to 180Kmh

     and vice versa without changing counter !

Kilometers and/or Milles

• 140, 180, 200 Km/h (1275GT + 1100 Special)

     • 140 and 180 Km/h

     • 90 Mph + 140 Km/h Combined

     • 110 Mph + 180 Km/h Combined

Graduations alone and combined, accurately true to the origin for the Mini Classic dials.

2 and 3 dials Speedomini

Number of Dials

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Stickers Kit

Speed + Gauges Fuel/Temp

Full Kit Stickers

Speed + Gauges Fuel/Temp + RPM

Hight quality stickers Speedomini

Glossy and precision

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A lamination process with a back printing adhesive, back side giving products an ultra-bright glossy appearance, emulating the best lacquered varnish that covers your dashboard. A cut ultra-precise vector machine multi crossings finishing clean cut and flawless !

Stickers support Speedomini

Semi-rigid support

Graphic designs are printed on semi-deluxe thick white paper and a thick lamination giving a final good performance rigid support, allowing you to avoid the bubble's appearance with an easy setup, offering you extra protection against UV rays.

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Fast and tracking shipping

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All shipments are carefully packaged and sent as soon as possible, in France and abroad. Packages are tracked via collissimo or other service delivery, to guarantee fast and secure shipments.

Free Worldwide shipping Speedomini