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Km/h and MPH...

Models 1979 to 2000...

2 and 3 Dials !

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Availability :

     • 2 dials = Kit 7 parts

          Speedo + Gauges

     • 3 dials = Kit 10 parts

          Speedo + Gauges + RPM

Quality :

     • Professional Graphic Design

     • HD Printing semi-thick paper

     • Lamination glossy R ° V ° adhesive

     • Precision Cutting Vector

Warranty :

     • Anti-UV 3 years

     • Anti-humidity 3 years

Shipping :

      Included international shipping

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     • Credit card and Paypal Customer Account

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Counters Classic Mini 1991-2000
Counters Classic Mini pre 1991
speedomini © circle

Deluxe stickers Kit 7 or 10 parts

for 2 and 3 dials (diameter 10 cm)

Speed 140 Km/h and 200 Km/h

fond de compteur pour Mini avant 91
speedomini © circle

Versions 2 and 3 dials (diameter 10 cm)

Deluxe stickers Kit 7 or 10 parts

Speed Km/h and Mph

fond de compteur pour Mini past 91
speedomini © circle

Strengthen the traditional style

"Classic Car Old School"

Deluxe Stickers Kit 10 parts  

(diameter 10 cm)

speedomini © circle

Enjoy a metal look

"Modern Lux"

Deluxe Stickers Kit 7 parts  

200 Km/h (diam. 10 cm)

speedomini © circle

Boost your sporty dials

with a report "Avantgardist"

Deluxe Stickers Kit 10 parts  

180 Km/h or 110 Mph (diam. 10 cm)

Type Burr Walnut

Type Brushed aluminum

Type Carbon

3 textures faithfully reproducing optical illusion with high-definition scans (1200dpi) substances of original dashboards and chromatic treatments optimized for professional printing color process. Colors are set according to the consideration of a general lighting, average of sunny brightness and full shade.*

Textures Speedomini

Kilometer / Hour

• 140, 180 and 200 Km/h (1275 GT and 1100 Special)

     • 140 Km/h + 90 Mph and 180 Km/h + 110 Mph*

Mile / Hour*

     • Versions 90 and 110 Mph

     • 90 Mph + 140 Km/h combined (UK/France)

     • 110 Mph + 180 Km/h combined (UK/France)

Graduations custom standalone and combinated custom graduations, an originally faithful precision for dials having a 10 cm diameter.

*For versions 1991-2000

graduations Kmh et Mph

2 dials stickers kit composed of 7 parts

Speedo + Gauges

1 Speedo + 2 Fuel/Temp

2 Graduated collars

2 Exterior finish collars

3 dials stickers kit composed of 10 parts

Speedo + Gauges + Tachometer

1 Speedometer + 1 Tachometer RPM

2 Fuel/Temp Gauges

3 Graduated collars

3 Exterior finish collars

Versions 2 et 3 cadrans Speedomini

A lamination process with a back printing adhesive, back side giving products an ultra-bright glossy appearance, emulating the best lacquered varnish that covers your dashboard. A cut ultra-precise vector machine multi crossings finishing clean cut and flawless !

Finitions des stickers Speedomini

Graphic designs are printed on semi-deluxe thick white paper and a thick lamination giving a final good performance rigid support, allowing you to avoid the bubble's appearance with an easy setup, offering you extra protection against UV rays.

Support adhesif Speedomini

All shipments are carefully packaged and sent as soon as possible, in France and abroad. Packages are tracked via collissimo or other service delivery, to guarantee fast and secure shipments.

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2 cadrans Promo
3 cadrans promo
envoi gratuit speedomini

Customized background counters for Mini

Counters before 1991

Classic Mini 1979-1991

Counters after 91

Classic Mini 1991 to 2000

Some available counters variations

Burr Walnut Style

3 dials 1100 Special and 1275 GT

Brushed Alu Style

Funds for 2 dials pre 1991

Carbon Style

3 dials Mini Cooper after 1991

Technical information

HD print textures

Graduations in km/h and mph

2 and 3 dials versions

Gloss finish and precision cutting

Semi-rigid support

Fast and tracking shipping !

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