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Counters Classic Mini 1991-2000

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Decorative products without road homologation. Permanent attachment, can take off the original graduations if you remove the stickers.

Counters models built before 1991 are composed of graduated collars by a screen-printed numbering (speed + gauges + rpm). The diameter of each dial is 10 cm. Big models being studied ... The stickers for Mini 1275 GT and 1100 Special Mini are also available, with their graduations at 200 km / h.

Select the appropriate version of your speedometer model. If you can not find your model or for further information, do not hesitate to contact , Speedomini can create it for you !

Texture Style

• Speedo ​​Dial into 3 parts :

     1 graduated background sticker

     1 collar sticker

     1 ext. contour sticker

+ Dial gauges in 4 or 5 parts

     1 (or 2) graduated background sticker

     1 central background sticker

     1 collar sticker

     1 ext. contour sticker

+ Tachometer RPM in 3 parts (Kit 3 dials only)

     1 graduated background sticker

     1 sticker collar

     1 outer contour sticker


Video editing tutorial mini counters block before 1991 in 3 parts...  View on Youtube

Bloc compteur 3 cadrans avant 1991 d'origine
Fonds noyer des 3 cadrans avant 1991 posés
Stickers SpeedoMini avant pose
Stickers SpeedoMini posés
Fonds noyer montage final
Stickers SpeedoMini après pose

Custom Counters for Mini before 1991

Stickers kits for counters models before 91

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Counters exploded view of mini pre 91